The game awards 2020

The Game Awards 2020: Will there be a release date or gameplay trailer of Hogwarts Legacy?

The Game Awards are coming up. 10 December 19.00 ET is the time that The game Awards are starting. We are going to tell you where to watch The Game Awards.

Where to watch The Game Awards?

The game awards is easy to watch compared to other shows. You can watch the game awards on the following platforms: Youtube, Twitch, Facebook Live, Tiktok Live (?!) And Twitter

Will there be a Hogwarts legacy gameplay trailer or release date at The Game Awards?

That remains to be seen, there have been rumors for a while that there will be a gameplay trailer with a release date. There is also a piece of Hogwarts Legacy in the trailer of The Game Awards, which makes it seem like something is indeed being announced about Hogwarts Legacy. Unfortunately, the game awards have done this more often to get more people to watch and it has happened that nothing of a certain game was announced.

What time will The Game Awards start?

On this tweet, the different times can be read per time zone.

For which game/games have you voted?

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